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Samantha Gillis

Samantha Gillis (Josie Ellis) is the founder of the LightWarriors Academy. "Growing up, I was one of those people who drove everyone Crazy, it was just so EASY for me, I had that special touch....

..However, like many Lightworkers like me, my Potency was suppressed as a result of Childhood Trauma...

This is where my journey of empathy and humility began" -says Samantha,

I took the long road, Deepened my empathy muscle over and over and over again. Based on the Road I've taken, there isn't many hearts I can't reach.

It's called Benevolence, and it means good and well wishing for all, its a system built on Kindness. My personal drive, and why I do what I do is a vision called Benevolent Captialism.

With this personal Value in mind, I choose to use my Natural Gifts of Expression, Curiosity, Potency, and Leadership to Heal the Internal Wounds that holds a person in place of Mediocrity so they can Free their Human Spirit, Build their Personal Independence, and Customize the Life they Lead.

As a Passionate and Persistent individual, I tend to choose to Spend my time Expressing my own Potency and Possibility as a Role Model for others to follow

If you've guessed by now that I'm the "I'll go first" sort of person, you'd be right, and this is to your benefit..

Because I've spent my time learning first hand what it takes to break the bonds of Reality, and heal the pain that holds me back, because I've spent the time learning how to say Yes even when its Scary, even when it Hard...

I understand what it takes to build the Self Confidence to SHOW UP and allow the Human Spirit to Express itself...

and when the Human Spirit is Expressed, everything else falls into place. This is how a person takes control to take care of their bodies, mind, money and relationships.

Personally, Ive never bought into the idea of depression; I believe in the SUPPRESSION of the human spirit. And the only true way to truly express yourself is by stepping up to the plate, taking care of you and Shining and Sharing your Greatness!  Let yourself be WITNESSED and Build Independence and Courage around it.  Step forward and let your Spirit Shine. Magical things happen when you show up for you!

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