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Samantha Gillis

(Also known as Josie Ellis) is the Founder of the LightWarriors Academy.

She Began her Adventure of Living when she saw a need for Personal Independence in the hearts of everyday people instead of the Co-Dependence structure so many people get tangled up and stuck in. Determined to help as many people as possible break out of matrixal Living, Samantha Created the LightWarriors Academy. A safe place to share and expand your Special, Because Your Happiness CAN Change the World.


"Samantha skill is performing with a message and teachings that offer encouragement and joy but not in a do this or die message. She's more open and inviting for those ready to play or respond."

Mikal Grant

"Happy! Thank you! More please!" "HDIGABTT!" "These two simple sayings I've implemented into my daily life, and began to find joy and gratitude everyday. Through Samantha's guidance I've began to strive for a life I don't need to hide or escape from. Samantha's contagious energy helps activate true happiness on such a deep level, it blows me away. If you are ready to take action and radically change your life, I recommend Samantha."

Amber Sawkins

"I effectively saved 300& over 2 months with your inspiration <3 thank you."

"I've also been able to save them enough money to invest in a high-level coach o help me with my business, I hope we can schedule some time to talk soon and I definitely missed your presence in my life."

Nikki Ford

Ready to Get Started Working?

I am so beyond touched and grateful!! I just had the most amazing call with Samantha Gillis, and my heart is cracked wide open!! Her compassion, her caring, her level of understanding, her empathy - SO amazing!! She is truly a LightWarrior in every sense of the word!! I am forever changed because of my time with her, and I can't express my gratitude enough!! Thank you for your love Samantha!! I am sending you all of my love, and so much joy!!" - Ray Warner

People should NEVER Under Estimate the Power of a Mentor; mine taught me how to build my business Ethically, Efficiently, and Morally. Something I had been working on for quite some time."

Samantha Gillis

5th Dimensional Strategist-Mentor-Speaker, LightWarriors Academy

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